Beth Sykess - Founder/Creative Director

A full time unicorn, part time cat and widely sought international freelance circus performer.. Meet Beth; Our QueenCorn, and founder of The Fantasy Tribe.

As a performer, most jobs required Beth to apply her own face and organise her own costumes, so over the 10 years she has been working in the entertainment industry, she has increasingly picked up a trick or 10 about how to catch the attention of a crowd!

During the summer of 2017 after receiving constant praises over her festival attire, Beth realised she could put the passion into use.. skip forwards a couple of months and The Fantasy Tribe came to life with nothing but a hot glue gun, serveral burn blisters, blood, sweat and a pile of sequins! From there Beth has come on leaps and bounds with her costuming skills and no longer does hot glue reside anywhere near the collection of hand SEWN garments she produces!

The collective started purely as a brand of accessories but as it came into its own, it became obvious that The Fantasy Tribe was destined for more.. Either that or Beth just loved to challenge herself! Not more than a day goes by that Beth doesn’t find an excuse to roll around in glitter, and her spirit for sparkle lit up the path to the second service that the collective decided to offer.. The glitter hype began with Beth covering performers at festivals in her growing collection of glitter. She would spend every morning making over each of her friends to sparkle the day away. Thanks to the beauty of social media, her portfolio was noticed by a few events companies that subsequently booked her to provide glitter stalls. It didn’t feel right to become another sheep in what was quickly becoming a popular trend, so Beth made the decision to work with bio degradable glitters. She also decided to make an extra effort to costume all her artists that she trained up herself and decided to make a spectacle of her make-over bar’s which lead to lots of decoration investment! The extra effort paid off and the feedback from her bookers and clients to this day has never been anything but positive!

As a circus performer, Beth has travelled the world performing independently as well as managing teams of other performers. She has run residencies for dancers and multi skilled performers around the UK so knows how to conduct a smooth operation within the entertainment industry. It became inevitable that Beth was to stick the cherry on top of her collective with an entertainment aspect. It was easy for Beth to delegate certain skills and adjustments to costumes to suit each character that the tribe promotes. By only working with certain characters and not trying to become too generic in what she provides, Beth has managed to maintain relationships and work with some of the best entertainment agencies in the UK and you can find her characters and services advertised on many other agency websites.
Festivals have and always will be at the centre of Beth’s soul, so to able to bring all of the above together, along with her amazing group of tribettes and create festival attractions is one of Beth’s proudest traits. The end product when the pitch is open, the rails are filled, the unicorns are dancing and (hopefully) the sun is shining gives her the rewarding feeling that no other career could!