Corporate Parties:
As the concept of public events and the theming of such occasions progress, corporate affairs tend to follow suit, and over the past year or so, many corporate events have favoured tailoring their affairs towards a festival nature, giving their guests a little more freedom rather than been directed through a heavily structured schedule.
As opposed to the stress of organising a strict time schedule involving a drinks reception, delegated seating, a 3 course meal and possible after dinner dance, companies have opted to a laid back and stress free approach of food vendors, optional music arena/s, activities and chill out zones, and from what we have experienced, the guests have had a fabulous evening being given the option to decide how they would like to enjoy the event.
We can take over an area of your event space and supply a collective of mythicals to provide a mixture of entertainment, our popular makeover bars, photo op’s, music and intermittent flash mobs to give you that festival feel! Indoor or outdoor, we have the ability to create something fabulous! Don’t worry, our mythicals can be dressed as appropriately as your company require..

There will always be a special place in The Fantasy Tribe’s heart when it comes to Festivals, it is where the concept of their collective was born afterall! And after attending many, many festivals over the years as a performer, the founder, or princess unicat as she currently likes to name herself, realised there was an opportunity to fill in a niche that some festivals could benefit from collaborating with..
We all know that festivals already have traders of festival fashion, and pop up glitter bars, but that’s exactly what they are, just that! What festivals seem to look for, and how they decipher through the many applications are to look for the more attractive stalls because lets be honest, if you were to make so much effort and spend so much money transforming a site into your own world, why ever would you then want to ruin the vibe with white gazebo’s and a lack of atmosphere..
The Fantasy Tribe refuses to be labelled as a trading outlet, and favours to refer to itself a self funded attraction. The Mythical Machine is a place for people to gather, get those Instagram snapshots, have a good time, and maybe have a browse of the independent designers the shop chooses to showcase that weekend, possibly get themselves glittered up by unicorns, and get their hair did and out of the way for the remainder of the event to come..
As with the corporate events, the mythical machine comes with a menu of features, these can be chosen by the festival or if preferred, they can be advised/chosen by the Fantasy Tribe to suit the feel of the weekend. The Fantasy Tribe predominantly prefers promote itself as an interactive experience, and offer a range of games, activities and workshop features, because at the end of the day, the longer they can keep people around, the longer they have to hustle them sales too!

Children’s Parties:
Why not let our mythicals make your prince/princess’ day?! We can provide makeovers for all attendee’s, workshops, performances, and at the end, a unicorn blessing ceremony in which they all receive their own horn and certificate!

The Mythical Machine:
The Fantasy Tribe’s proudest attribute is a 26ft state of the art fun bus that they appropriately named The Mythical Machine. This unique vehicle is their own personal creation, upcycled from a run down mobile library by a handpicked team of elves who’s mission was to make sure the attraction was unlike anything that has ever hit the event scene.
The Mythical machine is armed with countless features, allowing it to adapt to all kinds of events and age ranges!
Inside, the vehicle features a shop with wall mounted rails and a changing room, but for certain events, this space transforms into a pop up photo booth, the rail installed into the ceiling of the space can hang different curtain backdrops to accompany suitable props, subsequently adapting the booth to suit the events chosen theme. The front of the bus houses a full living space including a kitchen, sofa and bathroom for staff to use at their own leisure, The Sofa also doubles up as a bed should meaning the tribettes have their own accommodation for any events running over a few days!
The Mythical Machine hosts the ability to a erect a stage out front of its vinyl wrap backdrop underneath the self contained awning, to which they can hook up their own sound system and DJ (DJ’s available for all genre’s of music, and you bet they’ll be costumed up to suit!). Space is usually then sectioned in front of the staging to host performances including our famous flashmobs! A full list of entertainment options can be found here. We also have plenty of room our front for our installations and pop up makeover bars!
A great attribute of the Mythical Machines full vinyl wrap is that it hosts the ability to not only be utilised as a one sided attraction, but also in the round. Each side of the bus boasts its own custom designed artwork, created by not one, but a collaboration of 3 different international artists.

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