As mentioned, the founder of the tribe has been circulating the events industry for years and throughout this time she discovered her passion and how she could utilise this to create her own take on entertainment without becoming another participant in an already competitive industry! The Fantasy Tribe provides all skills and elements of entertainment but supplied as their own quirky characters.. From Stilt Walking Unicorns, Fire Phoenixes,
Pillow Fighting Princess Cats, the list is endless

Character list:
Unicorns, Princess Cats, BAEliens, Mermaids, Phoenixes, Sparkle Bunnies, Festival Fairy’s, Sea Sirens, Glitter Nymphs, Queens of Diamonds, She Devils, Cosmic Cowgals and more to come..

Skill list:
Contortion, Handbalance, Hula Hoop, Burlesque, Dance, Flash Mobs, Stilt Walking, Fire Performing, Pyrotechnics, DJ’s, Singers, Musicians, MC’s, Angle Grinding, Magic, Acrobalance, Bubbles, Cyr Wheel, Character Walkabout, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Silks, Aerial Love Heart, Photographers, Aerial Straps, Fakir, Balloon Pops, Glitter Pours, Games Hosting, Mythical Yoga, Pole Acrobatics and Dance, Unicorn Blessing Ceremonies, one of their unicorns is even an ex GB bob sleigh competitor!

Acts Gallery