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The Fantasy Tribe are unique in the way that they could be referred to as a department store of events! Why visit 5 different shops when you can find everything here in one place?! The Fantasy Tribe also pride themselves in their engaging attitudes, and as a small independent brand, each client has a name and will be given the attention they deserve, weather that is making custom harnesses to suit the buyer, or planning the perfect attraction for a festival…

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Fashion has always been a big part of festivals.. not just for the look, but for the feeling that comes with it too! The open and freeness to be able to adorn your favourite garments and dance around the fields with no judgement is one of the best feelings, and it was exactly that feeling that drew the head mythical to find her passion for The Fantasy Tribe’s glittery and mythical style. Being able to create items that encourage body positivity and happiness, and pair them with items of other independent designers and promote/support small businesses is something The Fantasy Tribe prides itself in. Take a step into the online shop and embellish yourself in The Fantasy Tribes fabulously sparkling products..

  • Unicorn Horns
  • Glitter
  • Harnesses
  • And much more…
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