Our Story

The Fantasy Tribe are a unique collective of mythical beings (or mythicals, as we like to call them), gathered with the intention of spreading fun, love and sparkle to everyone and everything that enters the splash zone of their presence.

The Tribe is made up of a trio of attractions; Makeovers, Event Entertainment/Installations and Fashion, all predominantly catered and themed towards a festival style (unless requested otherwise in which case they can be quite the chameleons when they need to be!)

The Mythicals are experienced freelance artists and have been dominating their chosen industry for a long time. The founder has been circulating corporate events and festivals as a popular circus performer for 8 years, and upon establishing the tribe made sure to pick up some of the most talented and enthusiastic characters on the scene!

Not only is experience a huge bonus, but one of the attributes that sets the tribe aside is their ability to put on a show. The Mythicals are all self-confessed show off’s, and love an excuse to dress up! Not only do they provide an A* result in all attractions, they are always presented with an A** attitude! As much as the Tribe love the attention, a big part of their beliefs are to encourage people to feel the same, their positive attitude is often commented as infectious and encouraging positivity is as important to them as the fun they intend to create at each and every event they attend!

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